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Jodie Whitaker’s time because the Thirteenth Physician in Physician Who will come to an finish in October 2022, which is when Ncuti Gatwa will take the reign because the Fourteenth Physician. With Whitaker’s tenure including extra layers to the character first launched practically six many years in the past, there’s sufficient to know what makes the protagonist tick.

The Physician’s fears have a multifaceted high quality, starting from rational ones like dying, to extra private ones similar to their worry of crossing ethical horizons. Whether or not it was somebody typically lighthearted just like the Eleventh Physician or a darker incarnation just like the Battle Physician, these underlining fears have dominated the character’s psyche.

To Not Be In Management Of Each Scenario

The Thirteenth Doctor looking terrified in Doctor Who

This occurs to be one of many flaws in each Physician Who protagonist, in that they get scared when others are calling the pictures. The Physician is most assured once they imagine they will conjure an excellent escape irrespective of how lethal a scenario, however dropping management reverts them to a terrified state.

For instance, the Thirteenth Physician misplaced her composure upon O’s reveal as the brand new Grasp, which bought her to overlook her plan on the time as a result of the latter had the higher hand within the scenario. Equally, the First Physician escaped Gallifrey resulting from his worry of being managed by the Time Lords.

To Be Compelled Into A Life Of Inaction

Eleventh Doctor looking bored with Amy in Doctor Who

The Physician is consistently touring resulting from their worry of feeling trapped in a single place, which is why the TARDIS serves as the right place for them to be in. Being frightened of inaction was finest proven when the Eleventh Physician had to stick with Amy and Rory with out utilizing the TARDIS, whereas spending a traditional life felt like torture for him.

The Physician craves journey as a part of their life-style, with out which they retreat right into a shell of their actual persona. The Eleventh Physician had given into this worry after dropping Amy and Rory, spending a century in isolation as a approach of injuring himself for letting the pair be misplaced to the previous.

To Be Compelled Into Taking Lives

War Doctor standing over a button in Doctor Who

Regardless of which model of the Physician it’s in Physician Who, they by no means wish to be in a scenario the place they determine what occurs to somebody’s life. One of the best instance of this situation was when the Fourth Physician was terrified of doubtless destroying all of the Daleks, not desirous to be liable for the demise of a sentient civilization.

The Physician desires to be seen as a healer than a destroyer, so the prospect of taking lives slightly than saving them is a scary thought for the protagonist. It’s the explanation why he was adamantly in opposition to the Time Battle, because the Physician knew he must cross his ethical horizon.

To Be Reminded Of The Time Battle

Ninth Doctor crying in Doctor Who

The Time Battle was probably the most traumatic expertise within the Physician’s life, which they proceed to be tortured by centuries later. The Ninth Physician’s tortured mentality finest exemplified the worry of resurfacing recollections of the Time Battle, as he would lose all composure and take to shouting.

The Time Battle reminds the Physician of all ethical boundaries they needed to cross, together with remembering the screams of the individuals who had died. The Twelfth Physician thought of his expertise within the conflict to be so troubling that he thought of any conflict on Earth to be one thing of a kid’s tantrum compared.

The Potential Collapse Of The Universe

Eleventh Doctor investigating a crack in the wall in Doctor Who

This worry was the undertone of all of the Physician Who episodes within the Steven Moffat period, because the Physician even noticed it as a part of his best worry when he was confronted with it. The cracks within the universe have been indicators of a possible collapse of all the pieces that had ever been, which terrified the protagonist.

The Physician noticed the vastness of the universe to be all the pieces that ever was and ever will probably be, so dropping all of it meant full destruction irrespective of the place they tried to take the TARDIS. Whereas fallout from conflict will be healed over time, the universe’s collapse could be everlasting.

To Say Goodbye To Beloved Ones

Twelfth Doctor with tears in his eyes in Doctor Who

Numerous the worst issues the Physician has performed in Physician Who must do with abandoning companions or not caring in regards to the fallout from their actions. However this stems from the worry of letting go, because the Physician typically can’t address having to say goodbye.

To this finish, the Physician successfully delays something which may come to an finish – it’s the explanation why they by no means went again to fulfill their granddaughter yet another time. River Tune figured this out by noting that the Physician doesn’t like endings. The few instances the Physician has grappled with farewells have proven them make an excellent effort to push by way of the worry.

To Face Their Personal Demise

Tenth Doctor crying in Doctor Who

The Tenth Physician’s time was dominated by his worry of demise, with this incarnation scouring the universe for some option to keep away from his destiny. Equally, the Eleventh Physician spent the whole thing of the sixth sequence searching for a option to avert his demise, which gave the impression to be a set time limit.

The Physician is afraid of demise as a result of they don’t know what comes subsequent. Whereas they’ve made sacrifices quite a few instances, it’s at all times been throughout instances of disaster slightly than resulting from prior data. The prospect of figuring out when they may die is torturous to the Physician’s psyche.

To Be Unsuccessful In Saving Everybody

FIfth Doctor looking sad in Doctor Who

The Physician by no means lets themselves contemplate the chance somebody would possibly perish, at all times hoping they will save everybody. The Ninth Physician was ecstatic the one time he thought everybody had lived, which was one of many few instances the Physician brazenly spoke of his worry.

The protagonist’s worry of dropping lives primarily got here from Adric’s demise, which was the primary time he had fully failed at his obligation of care. Shedding his companion magnified the Physician’s want to avoid wasting individuals, as they grew to become frightened of feeling the identical ache as soon as extra.

To Fail To Stay Up To The Beliefs Of The Physician Title

Eighth Doctor about to regenerate in Doctor Who

The Physician doesn’t inherently contemplate themselves a great particular person and has give you guidelines to stop their “actual self” from stirring up. The Eleventh Physician outright mentioned he wasn’t a great man and threatened his enemies with the facet of him that doesn’t comply with guidelines because the one they didn’t wish to see.

The Physician stays in worry of the opportunity of breaking this guidelines, primarily as a result of they suppose one thing monstrous can come out of it. The Sixth Physician was fearful of seeing the Valeyard, who was supposedly an evil model of his future self. In the meantime, the Eighth Physician selected to regenerate slightly than cross the boundaries he had set – the Battle Physician was thought of a warrior who wasn’t worthy of being the Physician.

To Be Perpetually Alone

Twelfth Doctor looking offscreen with concern in Doctor Who

The Physician would possibly have the ability to cope with demise, conflict, and destruction, but it surely’s isolation that they worry above all else. The protagonist’s relationship with the TARDIS has been so codependent as a result of the Physician sees it because the one factor that forestalls them from being fully alone.

The worry of loneliness can be what’s pushed different fears similar to dropping companions, being inactive, and breaking guidelines, because the Physician is afraid of who they could develop into in the event that they don’t have somebody maintaining them firm. It’s another excuse why the Physician was so hooked up to the likes of Rose, Clara, and Sarah Jane, amongst others as a result of they stored them grounded and with out the worry of isolation.

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